Reforesting our planet

If every child or student who has access to tree seeds - they're freely available lying around on the ground - would plant a few in the ground, in a plant pot or in a big yogurt pot. There's advice on germination on this website. Then nurture them to small saplings and find a place to let them grow, well then we could reforest the planet and achieve massive carbon capture, heat reduction, pollution amelioration and beauty.

Here's a story from the radio about tree planting

What We Can Do

A community working together can achieve miracles. And we need some.

Not every seed will become a tree, but a dozen are better than none, a thousand are better than a dozen... there are billions of children who could contribute this one thing to their future.

We need everyone - you - to excite your friends and classmates to join this free, simple but vital project!

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