From little acorns...

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

The idea for Planet Forest arrived in a flash of inspiration as I walked through heaps of crunching acorn and maple seeds on my street in the Midwest! The trees are scattering more nuts, berries and seeds this year than I’ve ever seen. It's as though they’re trying to tell us something...

We know we’re in a climate crisis - engineers are struggling to find giant-scale ways to recapture the excess carbon that humans have released and continue to release into the atmosphere. But the best part of the solution is right under our feet! Replace our lost forests! And who better to help do this than children and students, who have the energy, and will most reap the benefits.

Two days later, on Friday Oct 18th, I set up an email, and this website. Please take the idea and run with it - tell your friends, teachers, cousins, classmates and neighbors; form a group (any size) and learn how to germinate tree seeds.

By the time you have little saplings, you’ll have had a chance to work on where to plant your tree. If you have a space in your own backyard, great! If not, you may need to start a little pressure group. Start thinking of some possible targets as soon as you have your seeds planted!

Good luck, and thank you for helping to save all the living creatures on our beautiful planet!

Three boys around old oak tree Photo: Sophie Grillet
Three boys around old oak tree

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